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Coffee Prince
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3rd-Apr-2012 05:49 pm(no subject)

ANDOM: Coffee Prince (and Antique Bakery)
TITLE: Various Drabbles
CHARACTER/PAIRING: Eun Chan/Hankyul, Hankyul/Sun-Ki (ninja), Na-rim.
By nastasie and redgreendress

Four drabbles (ficlets, whatever) about various things, mostly Eun-Chan/Hankyul. One is a (subtle) crossover between Coffee Prince and Antique Bakery. Feedback is very much appreciated, of course. 

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29th-May-2011 09:56 pm(no subject)
37 icons -- coffee prince, fantasy couple, game of thrones, the chronicles of narnia (the lion, the witch and the wardrobe), pirates of the caribbean (on stranger tides)

here @ coloures
14th-May-2011 10:45 pm(no subject)
25 icons -- fantasy couple, personal taste, secret garden, coffee prince

here @ coloures
29th-Nov-2010 10:34 am(no subject)
(Halloween Ruki)
Here @ quenchy

62 misfits
16 coffee prince
11 DTB
10 arakawa under the bridge
10 kimi ni todoke
10 playful kiss
8 dengeki daisy
8 lovely complex
8 personal taste
peter pan
eureka 7
skip beat
the office
19th-Jul-2010 05:36 pm(no subject)

one piece, kuroshitsuji ii, sengoku basara ii, coffee prince (episode 1, 2, 3), 126 » total
here @ merigo
6th-Jul-2010 04:54 pm - Icons!

19th-Jun-2010 09:33 pm - [request] LaLaLa- The melody
can anyone send me the song  It's Love-Lalala-It's love by The Melody? Thank you!
17th-May-2010 01:26 am - Searching
Maudy -  By: Bijjy
           I'm looking for genderswitch!fics where Eun Chan actually was a guy.  I remember there was one in particular that I loved; it was multi-chapter fic but I never got the chance and now I can't find it.  If you have any ideas or even if you just know of a different one, can you please let me know about it?
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